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Welcome to the Emery Point Web site.

     Our FamilyThanks for stopping by our web site. Our site has dozens of photos for your review but first let me tell you that this is our home. We are not a business or real estate related. We do not and cannot rent to any commercial entity. We rent to families only and mostly for the purpose of having family reunions. We don't believe you will find another Vacation Estate quite like this one.

If you are looking for a really large house, clean fresh water, boating, no traffic jams, privacy, spectacular view, fishing, skiing and lots more to do . . . . . . then you have come to the right place.

     We will describe in detail what our vacation estate has to offer your family. We've used the experience of our own family reunions as well as input from our guests to constantly improve upon our property.

     We purchased this property in 1991. It was the epitomy of a fixer upper property. Then we added great ideas, lots of work and lots of money and transformed a piece of coal into a diamond!

     You won't believe all the thought and effort that went into this property! Our home has been featured in Rural Living Magazine as well as the Discovery Channel Wedding Story did a 30 minute wedding story featuring our home. Several local newspapers have written center page stories with photos about our unique layout, carvings and a general piece of paradise.

     We have even designed our house with wheel chair access on both sides of the house for ease of entry. Our decks have gates with latches to help keep toddlers from getting away. We have a 2 and 5 year old so we understand the helpfulness of gates on all stairs. Even the dock to our private harbor has a ramp for easy access with a wheel chair.

     We have enjoyed many of the same families year after year!  We are very happy with all the folks that have rented our home and hope to continue to rent to nice, considerate, responsible families.

     After we get to know a family and we see they respect and take care of our house we consequently do more and more things for them that are above and beyond normal rentals. We've watched some kids grow from jr. high and are now in college.

     Our family travels a lot in the summer as I (Jim Emery) am a Shriner and ride my Harley Davidson on a Shriner Precision Motorcycle Drill Team. We travel all over the US and Canada during the summer putting on shows and competing against other Motorcycle Teams.

Enjoy browsing through our web site and feel free to email any questions that are not answered through your reading.


- This is a non-smoking house.
- Limited to 22 people.
- And no pets please.
- But lots of fun!


 Just two of the many family reunions we have had the honor of hosting at EMERY POINT

Family Reunion1:

Family Reunion

Family Reunion2:

Family Reunion 2