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Outdoor Activities and Facilities

Children's Playground

(25 by 40 ft) includes swings, slides, private kids only clubhouse and a children's size picnic table under a shaded roof. The floor of the playground is thick with wood chips. Playground is located just below the main house deck on the north side so adults can keep an eye on children playing.

Private Harbor

Has two long docks that extend out then turn and join together to form a tall gazebo over the water for great views. the harbor is great for swimming without the worry of passing boats!

Protected swimming harbor (left side)Protected swimming harbor. Right side.Gazebo over the harbor.Harbor protected swimming area

Harbor Misting

For those sweltering hot days there is a water sprinkler system built into the dock/gazebo. This system pumps cool lake water all around the harbor cooling you with fine mists. The pumps is on a switch timer which can be operated by any adult.

Breakwater structures

The harbor area has two breakwater seating platforms. One has a roof for those who want shelter from the sun.

Docks on the west side extend out and join the gazebo over the water and together form your own private harbor.

Docks on the south side are located by the all concrete boat ramp.

South side dock.
Boat Ramp - is 20ft wide and has handled boats up to 38ft long.


Beach deck- overlooks the beach and entire harbor.

Two canoes are available for your use. They are kept locked and you will be given a key so you can determine who will use them. Life preservers and paddles are also provided.

Eagle Totum pole overlooking the beach deck with a pavilion on one side for shade. This area has soft illumination for night time enjoyment.

Watersports at Lake Anna.Carved Eagle Totem PoleBeautiful Lake Anna Sunset

Just some of the great sites you will see here at Emery Point.

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Campfire pit - has several benches and is located on the north west point.

Camping - You may use tents if you wish, but please ask where to set them up as we have an underground sprinkler system. We would like to avoid driving a stake through a sprinkler pipes.

Fitness equipment is located in the garage. You'll find a multi-station nautilus work out area as well as a stair stepper and free weights. (you really should be out water skiing)

Volleyball court has shade tree nearby for spectators. Don't worry if the ball goes in the water because there is a ladder built into the seawall.

Swings and Hammocks - Three person swings for sitting, reading or just to get away by yourself for a while.

Shaded table in the flower gerden.South swing with kidsSwing under willow tree.South side hammock.

Double horseshoe pits have shade trees on both ends for those hot days.

Basketball Hoop is movable with ample paved area for play.


Fishing is great right off the dock. We catch large mouth bass, striped bass, catfish, carp, bluegills and an occasional stickfish. The present law is that you do not need a fishing license if you are fishing off your land, or a dock or wall attached to that land. But once you depart from the land, you need a license. There are many local stores to buy a license. Check with Virginia Fish and Game folks for the laws at the time of your rental. There are also fishing guides on the lake that will, for a fee, show you how, when and where to catch fish on the lake.


We have installed six of the four story tall purple martin houses around the property. We also have many hummingbird feeders. Both purple martins and hummingbirds are fun to watch for both kids and adults.

Hummingbirdpurple martinHummingbird

Eagles, Ospreys, & Hawksred shouldered hawk

Keep an eye on the sky because we see several eagles, hawks and osprey in the area. We often have eagles roost in the tall trees to the north of the parking lot.