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  • There is a 12 ft. wide deck that wraps around three sides of the house.
  • The deck has gates with latches to help contain tiny tots.
  • There are wheel chair access ramps on both sides of the house.
  • The decks have several couches, chairs, swinging chairs, swinging benches and dozens of individual chairs.
  • There is a large Ship Size dinner bell that can be heard all over the property.
  • There are hundreds and hundreds of landscape lights all around the property luminating stairs, ramps, walkways, flower beds and around the perimeter of the peninsula.

Southside handicap access rampCommercial gas grillNorth deck dining table

OBSERVATION DECK on top of the house. Here you have both privacy and a spectacular view. Be there at night and watch the shooting stars.

Lake Anna Rental 1      View of the house from the north.
Lake Anna Rental 2   View the house from the west.
Lake Anna Rental 3    View the house from the south.

Koi Pond

Relax and enjoy the peaceful, zen like atmosphere of our large koi pond and arbor. Great place for taking photos.

Koi Pond Arbor in full bloom AprilKoi pond ArborKoi pond flagstone deck

Koi fish in pondKoi pond - fish - waterfall - flowers